Who I Am

Hello. I am Tim Kesselring. I am a humanitarian and documentary photographer, specializing in photographs featuring people and their stories and cultures from around the world.

I grew up in Ukiah in Northern California and graduated from Cal Poly, with a degree in Industrial Technology, where I also studied photography and played a bit of beach volleyball. After earning a Master's degree in Agronomy (Crop Science) from UC Davis, I went to work and living life with my young family.

My camera sat on the shelf for 15 years, but five years ago my passion for photography was reawakened. Since then, my camera and I have been on many humanitarian trips, including Peru following the 2007 earthquake to build homes; India, with a team focused on stopping child trafficking and encouraging community development; Ethiopia, to consult on an apple orchard; and Kenya, to set up a woodshop that trains locals to build beehives as a business venture. It has been exciting to see my love for people and my skills in photography, woodworking, and agriculture all come together.

What I Do

I take photos of people -- most of the time, people in difficult situations. As I document experiences and tell people’s stories, I’ve seen very clearly the commonality of people across the globe. For example, kids are kids and parents are parents wherever they are and whatever circumstances they may find themselves in.

What I Am Working On

Most recently, I have been visiting villages in India where the entire local economy is built on generational sex trafficking. I’m privileged to be a part of a pioneering effort in partnership with local non-government organizations to bring change to the region.  

What You Can Expect

When you work with me you can expect high quality photographs that tell true stories -- that capture the essence of people, their experience and their environment. My partners and clients find me easygoing, adaptable, and a good listener, or at least that's what I have heard. I am adventurous and comfortable venturing into crazy places around the globe.

What Else Matters to Me

My wife, my boys, my brother, my sister, and all my extended family. I enjoy connecting with people, cycling, woodworking, building/creating all sorts of things, and, of course, Red Vines rather than Twizzlers.

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